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Statement of Fair Processing


By accessing and providing us with your personal details you are agreeing to the terms as laid out in this Statement of Fair Processing. Please also refer to Barnardo's full Privacy statement

All personal information provided will be treated with the strictest of confidence and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations.

Personal data will only be processed with the consent of the individual for the purpose of administering a Disclosure application. Any information provided will be securely held on a password-protected database, compliant with ISO27001, with access restricted to named individuals who require access as part of their normal duties.

All information is submitted to and from the DBS via a secure government pathway. The information is encrypted whilst in transit.


The Disclosure and Barring Service will refer the details provided on this application form to government and law enforcement bodies in accordance with any relevant legislation. The details provided to these bodies will be used for identifying possible matches to records held by them. Where such a match is established, data may be released to the DBS for inclusion on any certificate issued. The details provided on this form may be used to update the records held by the bodies specified above. The details provided on the application form may be used to verify your identity for authentication purposes. The DBS may use any information provided by the DBS on a certificate or otherwise held by the DBS to inform any of its barring decisions made under its powers within the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006.

Information will not be shared with any other third parties outside of the Disclosure process, except where required by Law, without the express consent of the individual

All information held following a Disclosure application will be securely destroyed when no longer required.

In line with Section 7 of the Act you will be provided with a copy of any information we hold on you, on request.

Any organisation using are required to sign a contract and by doing so they agree to:

•Abide by the DBS Code of Practice
•Abide by the General Data Protection Regulations
•Have in place a policy for the recruitment of ex-offenders
•Have a policy in place for the secure storage, retention, handling, use and disposal of disclosures and disclosure information

Please note that the following ONLY applies to standard and enhanced applications for Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Checks and only in cases where an applicant cannot provide sufficient documentation to evidence their identity under route one criteria.

See the DBS identity checking guidelines for further information

The Experian terms do not apply to DBS Basic checks for example those applicants who require basic checks in order to meet BPSS (Baseline Personnel Security Standard) requirements



When establishing the true identity of an applicant an external ID verification check may be used as an alternative to Route 1/1a. This will require us to provide an applicant’s details (as presented on the application form) to our chosen supplier Experian, who will compare the data obtained from the applicant against a range of independent, external data sources.

Please take a moment to read the Experian Terms and Conditions with regards to the core terms concerning the nature and use of the services, confidentiality, data protection, compliance and audit.